How to choose a breeder & puppy

A dog is a familymember that can live up to -14 years.

Think about that first  – Am I willing to give up many things so I can take good care of my new familymember.

The first year is important in a young csv’s life. It is from 4-12 weeks very important that they get good experiences from different people and also time to melt all the new things around them. Socialisation is important in all stages of hte growing puppy and young dog – but too much socialisation can give the opposite result. Remember to let the dog melt all new things and rest also.

All dogs are different individuals, you have to know your dogs limits and what is good socialisation for just your puppy.

A good breeder can give support and information about upbringing your puppy. Discuss with different breeders to get a picture of what kind of dog this is. Ask and study different lines to get the kind of dog that suits you. Don’t buy puppy just from picture, all puppies are sweet, you also need to know a little about what it will be like as adult.DSC_015311.10

It is important to have built good realtionship & trust with your dog. Go visit firends, go for cardrives, go to puppy classes, show training, anything, just do stuff with your dog so you get to know each other.Trust & realtionship is made from young age with playful training and treats. Always positive and fun – A czw is not interested in repeated training. Make it short, fun & not repeating to much same exercises. Good tasting treats or a toy that they love usually works to motivate them.

Have fun with your dog, but remember to always end all situations as the winner, they are clever they learn fast how to win and get away with slipping away from things. All dogs need rules and most of all they need a leader. If you have no leader skills and you bodylanguage is insecure this is not a breed for you.





It is much work to succeed educating a czw comparing to German Shepherd or other working dog that has been bred to serve their owner. But it is for owner a great challenge and when one start to see result from hard work from socialisation and training it is a euphoric feeling of success!


All dogs need to have some kind of mental stimulation to be happy


The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is strong, fast, clever and have a great nose for different search training. It is a good training form to keep them stimulated. Always keep all training positive and short so they don’t get bored. In Finland czw have working dog rights, but I would not recommend this kind of dog if you dream about competing and results from obedience. But as hobby it is good for the dog and relationship to owner. They can be great companions and enjoy training and city if they are raised right. With love, understanding and always positive happenings.




To get a well behaving dog in dogshow is so much depending on the dogs personality and is owner calm and not nervous. Dogs of this breed react very strong on owners mood. Some dogs love to show themselves and is not shy to judges. Other need more training and socialisation. Some don’t  enjoy shows at all from shyness or not allowing strangers to touch.

It is now when the dog is almost a year old and is taken to dogshow important to have good relationship and that you are calm and the dog can relay on you as the leader in all situations.

Often falut in dogs behaviour is in the upper end of the leash. Also we have very strong individuals in this breed that don’t allow strangers touch and can act agressive. Every owner must know their dog.











owned by J Aschberg








Exercise is as important as mental stimulance, If you have a bored wolfdog you have a problem, all kinds of exercise is good for the adult dog. A young growing dog can play and run free as much as it wants but it is not recommended to take for long bikerides or to long walks as it still is growing.


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Good relationship, good socialisation and alot of fun! Remember having a lot of fun! It is an amazing breed and all the small steps forward in education and socialisation feel so good. When you proudly walk with your well behaving dog it is a jackpot.

We all make misstakes, we learn from them, nobody is the perfect owner or trainer. As long as you do it from your heart with patience and understanding for this kind of dog it will probably end up well. But one big factor in this is where to buy the puppy and how it is raised, getting a puppy at age of 7-8 weeks gives you the best opportunity to socialize them yourself. I can recommend you to ask about different lines and types of dogs.

A responsible breeder have official health results for Hip Dysplasia and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) test made. These are the two we all need to know about. Other not so common problems can be eye sickness, heart problems, epilepsy & allergy.

Our Finnish Wolfdog association can give advice and info about Ceskoslovensky Vlciak & Saarloos Wolfhond, coming litters and also help to give advice for import from other countries.

Don’t hesitate to contact WOLFDOGS RY (Finnish Wolfdogs Association)


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