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My name is Kim I’m 35 years old, living in western Finland, I was born and raised outside of the town Vasa. During my childhood we had a racing Siberian Husky kennel at home. My other big passion beside dogs was ice hockey. I played hockey for 14 years until my own wolfdog pack grew and I had to choose “family life”. Ice hockey as a team sport taught me many important things about being a member of team – a good friend-.

To treat others like one wants to be treated himself – that is the way I live. 

I was born and raised on the countryside in a small village knowing nothing about the mean big world outside. So after getting to know what life in our stressed society is I choose to stay by myself. I very much enjoy spending time alone with my dogs, I enjoy nature, freedom and I have a strong will and I have a hard time trusting people. Dog like owner. But I have made many good friends among dogpeople through the years, and we have nice meetings with our Wolfdogs ry association here in Finland. 

I moved to Närpes 18 years ago from Korsholm outside of Vasa. I’m working in a small private company as a garbage truck driver since 2006. I enjoy my easy lifestyle. I work, do my weekly shopping  friday afternoon, go to sauna in weekends and spend time with dogs. I seldom watch television.. I have no time for it, my dogs take all my time. Easy living, money is not everything, I value moments – beautiful moments and good friends.

I only go to city if I have to, I feel no pleasure of city life or shopping.. I enjoy nature. We all do, as much as possible I walk with some of my dogs in forest, the silence, the freedom and watching dogs enjoy themselves in nature. That is life. What could be more peaceful than a little bag with coffee and bread, a day in the forest with the best companions.

Blazy & me having a nap when renovating my old house.

In Februray 2007 I got my first Czechslovakian Wolfdog puppy. A little female Blazy arrived from France, that little terrible puppy changed my life, I have loved her unconditionally since that day 14 february 2007.  She will always be special to me, she was my first, and also my best dog among them all. I have several offsprings after her and I am very pleased with them. In memorian Blazy  24.12.2006 – 2.11.2017 <3 

The life I live is a lifestyle I’ve dreamed about since I was in daycare as a little child. Animals are honest and true. They don’t expect anything, they are happy just to be with me, humans are complicated and often false. 

I love watching my dogs enjoying themselves in their big dogyards playing, taking sun and eating. My first and only priority is my dogs welfare. 

We sometimes do dog shows , puppy courses and some playful obedience. But I am no “working dog” type. If I would have wanted to do working dog stuff I would have got a dog made for it, not a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

We enjoy each other mostly at home, we go to the beach in our village during summertime several times a week, some of my dogs like to swim, others just have a beach nap. I find it peaceful sitting at the beach in summer evenings doing nothing. As I have 8000m2 fenced area around my home my dogs usually spend most evenings playing in pairs running free and throwing toys.. honestly they like it best at home. Like me.

CzW is no regular dog and is not sold to just anybody asking. And also for a reason. Make sure you get to know breeders and get enough TRUE information about this breed. A Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is beautiful, it get’s a lot of attention wherever it shows, but it is so much more than just beautiful. 


As I grew up among racing Siberian Huskies (Kennel Coastrunner’s)  I thought I know a lot about dogs and raising dogs, handling situations and that I could be a good leader. Huskies are still dogs. A czw is a primitive wolfdog. Bred to act by it’s own will and instincts. Very strong and powerful animal. They can be your best friend, and a very special best friend, but it is a big responsibility and a 24/7 care for it. 

I live every day, I enjoy every day, I do what I want to do when I still can. Life is so unpredictable and nobody can give guarantee for a long life nowadays. So my tip to all you dreamers – do it while you can.

Who is gonna thank you for waiting? You can’t please everybody, but start with yourself.. And what you do – do it good. And treat animals good.