Many people stop and stare and say WOW !!  such a beautiful animal. How much do they cost ?


It is not about the money – the wolfish looks or status. It is so much more. It is a big responsibility to own a czw towards the reputation of our breed and also for neighbours, friends and family. A czech wolfdog is only a safe dog in good hands.

One can compare the beautiful looks with the challenge of handeling and owning it. They destroy furniture and empty your freezer, eat themself out of the car and house.

There is a reason they are not sold to just anybody that asks – these are demanding big primitive dogs with a strong own will – and they do not fit everybody.


Wolfdogs seldom play with balls – with me. They eat them themselves without my help.

Wolfdogs are not excited about training obedience – they want to run and practice wrestling.

Wolfdogs like space – winter & snow – a partner for life from the opposite sex & of course food. Real food.

Wolfdogs love dirt and dead things to roll in.

Wolfdogs always steal food, open doors and break out from all kind of cages and dogyards if they are not made to keep wolf in.


And they always know where you are and don’t like to be left behind





Wolfdogs are often strong individuals and can easy see if a human is weak. In nature weak individuals are eliminated. A Wolfdog always try to rise in the pack – also over humans if they are weak persons.

All wolfdogs don’t like travelling, new places, new situations and new people. They like it at home with their own pack and the people they are used to. But they do travel with me because they have been trained and they trust me. No stranger could ever get them in a car.

A myth is that they are good in pack behaviour. Yes it is little true they are good friends with everybody until they get adult at about 2-3 years.







My outdoors dogyards are protected by electricity on top of 2 meter high fence, on the ground one meter fence digged down to avoid that my dogs dig under. To be sure they keep in when I am at work.

Feel free take a look how my kennel is built, how my dogs live and all the security and planning how to keep wolfdogs from breaking out and fighting each other trough fences between dogyards.

What you do do it good  – and you don’t have to do it ower and ower again..

Except these dogyards I have alomst 8000m2 fenced home area for them to play safely running free. 




One of the biggest problems are that they seldom trust other people when you are not around and therefore travelling is difficult if you need to leave your dog several days. It is not trustable to leave at dog-hotel or to your relatives.



Having many czw is more demanding than having one of course.


A big part of my property ( 0,7ha ) is fenced in for my wolfdogs to run free, I always want dogs around me, so they can be with me.

My dogs come indoors, some sleep nights indoors, but as the pack grows, they do not all get along togehter as a pack anymore.

Puppies are raised indoors, so I can play with them, sleep with them, feed them and watch them grow up, study their behaviours and characters. In puppy age it is very important that they get good socialisation and many good experiences from humans and all the noice and stuff that goes on in a house.


They are clever, strongminded, always hungry and always find a way out of somewhwere they are put. Try to climb in hierarchy and fight each others with big damage if given opportunity.


To own CS wolfdogs is not only a big experience, it is also a big responsibility, to give the dogs all they need. It is not a regular dog that is very happy to sit in a small cage and go for a walk every now and then. If you have a bored wolfdog, you have a problem. They need space to live in, to run and play. And dogyards must be good built to keep a CSV.

A big dog needs much good food, especially in winter, when temperatures in finland go down to around -30 degrees celcius at it’s worst.

A CS Wolfdog need enough space to live on not to become bored and get out,of course a warm and dry place to sleep in, lot of love and patience and professional veterinary care always when needed.



Thinking about having a czw and all that comes with it?

I want all of you considering a dog, always to look how the breeder keep his dogs and in what condition dogs are (both mental and physical), no matter what breed it would be. I appreciate and admire breeders that really do put time and money and with love for the animals keep them in good sized kennels, give enough exercise and good food!

It is no cheap lifestyle, and it is not a dogbreed one can breed for money, but for me it is a wonderful family.

There are wolfdogs from different lines, I suggest you read and study, ask and get to know something about the relatives to what you are about to get. You can avoid the worst scenario by asking for advice. Don’t buy dog just looking at pictures.

So before getting a beautiful wolfdog – have knowledge in what these dogs really are.



By having right information about these dogs from the start of upbringing your puppy you can prevent alot of faults and mistakes. If this sounds like a too big challenge maybe this is not the right kind of dog for you.

This text above might seem negative, it is a fact that the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is no regular dog, but bringing all information to you is honesty. And so it is safer for both dog and new owners to know what surprises might come. It is a beautiful animal – but not so easy to live with.

A responsible breeder can give right information.

Lack of knowledge makes misery – often young czw dogs are  looking for new home. These surprises can be too much for many peole that just looked at a picture and got themselves a qute puppy. It is not only this breed, it is all large breed dogs can destroy furniture, escape from dogyard and eat somebodys cat. In the same way knowing how to keep them while going to work and in your car will save you from alot of costs reparing things.

Upbringing a CZW puppy is alot of work but as small steps forward with socialisation and training you will get an almost euphoric feeling of success. 


Czw suits different kinds of training and hobbies like playful obedinece, search training and different kind of nose-work. It is all up to your imagination and how much patience you have. To slowly go forward step by step teaching your dog new things. They learn fast, and get bored fast, keep it fun and positive! As you have your dogs trust and a good positive realtionship you can probably become what you want together. They do get bored fast from repeated training, so keep it short, fun and let them also have many days pauses and just playing. Adult czw dont get good along with other big dogs, so it helps by starting at young age to socialise them at puppy courses and other dogshappenings. Don’t try to hard, everything has it’s own time, know your dogs limits.

Czw is very clever dog, strongminded and fast dog. They react and make decisions themselves if you don’t make them for them. They were bred to work independently on the border, act quickly and take own decisions – And they still do.


There are low,mid & high content wolfdogs. And then there is the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Just because it is a FCI dogbreed does not mean that it is easy dog.. or less demanding. It is a very big responsibility to own big primitive dog both towards society, breed and towards us that do our best to keep good a good reputation for this breed. CzW is not a toy or a status thing. It is a big strongminded wolfish animal that will need owner with authority and leaderskills.

We already have in Finland and other Northern countries many young dogs and adults looking for new home because of wrong info about this breed.  

I have dogs that are in carachter wonderful to me – my best friends – some more majestic and some less wolfish type but every individual is special.

A very great reason to wake up every morning! For better and worse.