Puppies are only sold to responsible loving homes with knowledge of what these dogs are. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a demanding, primitive, active, sharp dog with a very strong own will. Not for everybody. In right hands it is a loving companion for life & will always be ready for adventures and any activities with their chosen one.

We hope to have puppies born in november-december 2020

We hope to have lovely puppies born in winter 2020
Coefficent of inbreeding (COI) in 5 generations
For any dog out of this mating
1.2695 %

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PUPPY life in our home

Puppies are raised indoors for best possible socialisation & start in life.  

Puppies are raised indoors, so I can play with them, sleep with them, feed them and watch them grow up, study their behaviours and characters. In puppy age it is very important that they get good socialisation and many good experiences from humans and all the noice and stuff that goes on in a house. 

Mother and Puppies are fed with high quality food and parents have official health & show results

It is an amazing dogbreed in right hands, It is a big responsibility and a great friend for life for the owner.

It is an active, strongminded, primitive clever and fast big dog. A dogbreed like no other.  I’ts beautiful look is to be compared to the challenge to live with it. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is not to be compared to German Shepherd or any other “normal” dog. A CZW is a lot more to handle and live with. 

Don’t hesitate to ask me about these dogs if you are interested in a puppy.




Puppies get a good start in life with socialisation and high quality food.